General settings for Includator are managed on Includator’s preference page. It is accessible through the menu Window -> Preferences -> Includator.

Indexed Include Paths

As CDT does not add every header file of the include paths to the index. Includator allows to specify subdirectories of the include path which are forced to be indexed though. This is required to find the contained symbols in header files which are not referenced anywhere in the project. Here Includator allows to set the paths to be indexed on workspace-level. By default there are three subdirectories preconfigured: tr1, sys and boost.

Suggestion of Covered Includes

By default Includator checks whether there are include directives which are covered by other include directives in the same file. If a directive is completely covered (i.e. it could be removed without implication) includator suggests that include directive to be removed. If this is not desired this option can be unchecked.

Default Behavior for Suggestions

After running a static analysis algorithm Includator presents the result in a suggestion dialog. This dialog suggests include directives to be removed (if superfluous) or added (if required). It is possible to check those suggestions or leave them unchecked. Its is possible to define the default actions for checked and unchecked suggestions here. There are three possible options:
  • None – No action at all.
  • Marker – Puts an Includator marker at the location of the suggestion for later application.
  • Apply – Directly applies the suggestion performing the corresponding change.